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Six Sigma Program Evaluations

Welcome to the MindPro Evaluation Center; your destination for Six Sigma testing. By purchasing one of the program exam packages listed below, you will receive full access to the related Knowledge and Application Exams. These exams are required to achieve Program Completion, Qualification or Certification status.

For your selected program-of-study, your exam package consists of multiple tests, where each test corresponds to a program topic. Included in your purchase are THREE attempts at each topical exam.  In the event any given topical exam score does not meet the minimum requirement, you will be able to retest that topic two times at no additional cost. However, if any given topical exam is failed three times, you will need to repurchase the program testing package.

Upon satisfactory completion of the program testing requirements, you will receive a personalized electronic  letter from Dr. Mikel Harry. This letter will serve as an official testament to your Six Sigma testing achievements.

NOTE: Access to the MindPro Training System is required for proficiency certification. Go to for details.